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Our Philosophy

  • Regional und sustainable produce
All our providers are based in Zillertal. Our meat comes directly from the farm! Over the summer we process a cow, a calf and depending on demand some lambs- the animals are processed from tip to toe. If the meat is gone, we take it off the menu.  Then we offer more vegetables and grains.
Our main food retailer collaborates closely with regional producers. Our eggs come from happy chicken in Strass, milk products come from the local dairy, the bread comes from the bakery in Mayrhofen.
  • Freshly cooked instead of fast food 
We prioritize fresh produce. That way you get healthy, tasty food without preservatives and other unnecessary additives. This means that for tasting our famous Kaiserschmarren, you will have to wait a little bit, but it's produced freshly for you, and it consists of nothing but flour, milk, eggs and seasonings. Applestrudel and cake are homemade, just like the halfboard menu and the hiker's special. 
  • Quality has its price
Finest quality meat, cheese from the local dairy and eggs from free range chicken cost more than hormone contaminated mass goods. Good products should have their price, just like good employees - those are important too, when you try to produce a lot on site. We are willing to pay these costs, and in our experience, the same applies to our guests. So we might be a little more expensive than other huts, but we cook with a clean conscience. And like Flo always says: "We have to eat it ourselves all summer!
                                                           Our suppliers

Family Dengg
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